Yoga Teacher Training Manuals

I know design. I know yoga.

It's easy to get started.

200-hour YTT Manual Workbook

Start with the base template. It includes:

  • Yoga Alliance structure: outline and table of contents
  • Lead pages: Full color cover and 4 black/white section dividers
  • Custom branding: your logo and branding elements are integrated
  • Illustrations: poses, anatomy, charts (koshas, chakras, etc)
  • Base content: headlines, subheadlines, a bit of supporting descriptions
  • Notes and journaling: plenty of space for students to mark up
  • Homework: practice and teaching logs, space to add questions and quizzes
  • 40 Poses: you choose the poses you want included, plus illustrations (upgrade available to use your own photos, or add more poses)
  • Supporting document: How to use MS Word Styles, working with Google fonts, about page numbers, printing options and any additional details needed to work with your file
  • Final file: PDF for print and digital release
The workbook is provided in an MS Word file. The basics are there, you complete it by writing the descriptions in your own voice, representing your yoga lineage. Once you have completed the manual, return the file to me for custom branding and design. There will be one more round of edits available (additional rounds of revisions are available at an hourly rate), and then you will receive a final PDF file for printing and digital release.

This is such an easy way to get started! Avoid the hassle of figuring out the Yoga Alliance requirements, structuring your's already done for you!

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200-HOUR YTT Custom Design Manual
Already wrote your YTT manual? Send it over and we'll custom design it with your branding and unique expression. We'll transform your MS Word document into a beautifully, professionally designed document that is ready for print and digital release.

This package includes custom design and branding:
  • beautifully designed cover
  • 4 black/white section dividers
  • your branding and logo
  • illustrations: 40 poses of your choice, anatomy, charts (koshas, chakras, etc)
  • space for notes, journaling and homework, such as practice + teaching logs
  • supporting document on how to use MS Word Styles, working with Google fonts, about page numbers, printing options and any additional details needed to work with your file
  • final PDF file for print and digital release
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Training modules are available as add-ons to any YTT manual package, or as stand-alone training documents. As add-ons, they are designed to match the rest of your manual. As stand-alone documents, they are provided as both an MS Word doc and PDF so that you may integrate or use them just as they are!

  • Custom Poses - 50 of your choice $200
  • Poses - 108 standard poses $200
  • Ayurveda $100
  • Ashtanga (primary sequence, about, counting, chants, Mysore, etc) $800
  • Chakras $75
  • Koshas $50
  • Mantra / Chanting $75
  • Sanskrit $100
  • Yoga Lineages $50
  • Yoga Sutras $75

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Customizations and additional design services are available. Please contact me for a full price list or to further discuss your YTT manual project.

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Live online classes.

I currently offer the following 2 live Zoom courses for YTT programs and studio workshops. Each class is $400 and open to as many students as you would like to invite. You may charge for and promote the classes however you like.

Sanskrit for Yoga: four 60-min live classes with workbook
Learn the alphabet, mouth positions, proper pronunciation plus lots of great yoga words...from pose names to philosophy.

Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers: four 90-min live classes with PPT deck, recipes, quizzes and shopping list learn how to integrate ayurveda into your life and your yoga practice/classes through daily routine, seasonal adjustments, and proper practices.
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Yoga OM Sanskrit design

Got Sanskrit?

As a student of sanskrit for over 12 years, I offer an in-depth understanding of sanskrit and devanagari for use in my design work for yoga and ayurveda clients.
If you would like proper sanskrit transliteration, or even a touch of devanagari applied to your project, please let me know. It is one of my greatest pleasures to be working with this fine language and to share it with others.
I love sprinkling popular sanskrit chants and mantras in my YTT manual designs. Please request any favorite chants or personal mantras.
~ Maria
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti Devanagari


You can trust my experience and knowledge to authentically design and edit your yoga teacher training manual based on many years of my own practice and training yoga teachers. I put my whole heart into each one, sharing my skills as a designer and experienced yoga practitioner.

I speak the language of yoga.

My experience runs deep, both in the study + practice of yoga, but also in study of sanskrit and devanagari, ayurveda, vedic philosophy and chanting. You can expect your manuals to be beautifully designed, as well as touched up with some authentic sanskrit design elements. I understand the foundation of this ancient language, so both devanagari and transliteration are available in training manuals, upon your request.

Yoga Teacher Training Manuals Design
Yoga Teacher Training Manuals Design
Yoga Teacher Training Manuals Design
"Yoga is an internal practice. The rest is just a circus."
- K. Pattabhi Jois