Web Design

Let us design your digital story.

We all have a motivating story behind our businesses. Let us take your story, infuse it with the passion, the inspiration, and unveil it digitally via the web, so that it touches your unique target audience. Let's engage them through design, words, and images, to bring your story to life.

We know the web can be intimidating and complicated, especially when not tech-savvy. That is why we cover all of the bases for you. We offer guidance during the entire process with:

  • good design and layout choices - We love to collaborate and guide. While we are happy to share our expertise and experience, we get that design is a personal preference and always let you make the final choices.
  • empowering content - While we do like to embellish a bit, we try hard to capture the true essence in the words and headlines of website content. We assist with authoring and editing in whatever capacity requested. And, of course, we always share our recommendations for improvements and edits.
  • purposeful photography - Whether building your image library from stock or custom photos, we choose artwork with purpose. We consider both the visual aspect of the brand and the messaging of the words so the theme is never lost.
  • call to action - We establish the flow of activity across your website so when the visitor from your target audience has an engaging experience, it leads to a connection with your business. This could be a phone call, email, subscription or purchase.
  • getting found - Just because you build it doesn't mean they will come. We provide the foundation of organic SEO so that your site is optimized and enticing for Google to index. Both the website setup and ongoing maintenance are supportive of continued search engine optimization.

Infinity web design possibilities

Limitless Possibility

One of my favorite aspects of designing for the web is the complete freedom of expression. Each site I design has limitless possibility in form and function.
Some of my clients run their entire business online, using it for booking clients, posting news & articles, soliciting new business, providing intake forms, collecting newsletter subscribers, and taking event and workshop registrations.
Other clients use their website as a digital brochure to connect and support relationships. They offer an experience that engages visitors, revealing their attitudes and passions.
Whatever strategy may be behind the scenes, I absolutely love finding the perfect solution and astonishing my clients with so much more than they ever imagined possible.
~ Maria

Everybody's doing it.

WordPress offers limitless possibilities in design and functionality. It is an ever-evolving open source solution to plug and play features such as hero sliders, site back-ups, SEO, security, design tools, videos, pop-up windows, subscribe forms, online contact forms, e-commerce, galleries, blogs, event listings, workshop sign-ups, and so much more!

WordPress makes it easy to manage site content, submitted form data, registrations, donations and e-commerce orders. From novice to expert, the WordPress and X admin tools accommodate all levels of web editing. Because the technology is constantly upgrading and improving, our hosting packages offer a variety of solutions to manage updates.

X marks the spot.

All of our websites are built with either the X or the X Pro theme. X by ThemeCo provides responsive (mobile-friendly) and search engine friendly modern layouts, making it a favorite web builder tool for many top professional designers.

We can easily refresh an existing website design or replace a defunct WordPress theme by moving an existing site into the X environment.

Every web technology has a learning curve, so based on your design preferences and DIY skills, we find the perfect balance between sexy complex design and ease of site maintenance that fits your unique comfort level.

Domain Name

We can help you choose, purchase and set up your domain name. We recommend only buying the .com or .org domains.

Web Hosting

Whether you are building it yourself or need us to custom design your website, we can host it, as well as manage the WordPress and other technologies. We help with updates, security, backups and search engine optimization. Technologies can be finicky and we help with that.

Let us be your design counselor.

Whether it is a large project or some simple maintenance, we want to help. If you just want to brainstorm, ask questions or get feedback, we are here to serve. We have been at this for awhile now and we have a lot that we can share. We are especially knowledgable with non-profits, yoga & ayurveda, entrepreneurs & small business. And we totally dig hearing your ideas! So let's have a chat and get creative with some glorious ideas!

Interested in DIY web support packages? Learn more.
"Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple."
- Steve Jobs