Creative Services for Yoga

We understand design. We understand yoga.

We are very passionate about yoga. We believe in your mission and want to help you reach as many people as possible. So, we offer premier design packages for yoga businesses. Whether you are just getting started and need a little extra guidance, or have been around for years and are ready to polish, we can help you with:

Yoga OM Sanskrit design

Got Sanskrit?

As a student of sanskrit for over 12 years, I offer an in-depth understanding of sanskrit and devanagari for use in my design work for yoga and ayurveda clients.

If you would like proper sanskrit transliteration, or even a touch of devanagari applied to your project, please let me know. It is one of my greatest pleasures to be working with this fine language and to share it with others.
~ Maria

Logo and Branding Design

Every yoga studio needs a compelling logo that represents its mission and essence. This requires strategic creative work with styles, colors, fonts, and icons. Together we develop concepts and ideas that bring your brand to life through words and visuals, which may include things like:
  • logo
  • tagline
  • style guide
  • icon library
  • stock photo library
  • custom photo library
  • headlines
  • 30-second introduction (elevator) speech
Once these key elements are place, then it's time to move on to the next steps of your branding development, such as printed materials, website and social media.

Let us help you bring your brand to life. Contact us to learn more about what's possible and how to achieve it.

Web Design

Your website is your greatest asset. It is your business, in digital form.

  • Reach new potential clients.
  • Communicate your mission.
  • Post news and upcoming events.
  • Provide articles and thought leadership.
  • Book clients.
  • Collect deposits and payments.
  • Take workshop registrations.

Since your website is now acting as one of your business partners, you want to nurture this digital colleague so it can suitably support your operations and efficiency...and ultimately your success. Features you may consider using on your website:

  • Homepage slider or hero image to visually welcome new visitors
  • Photo or video gallery
  • Class schedule and registrations with payments
  • Events listings and registrations with payments
  • Intake forms and disclaimers to be downloaded, and when complete, uploaded
  • Social media feeds and connections
  • Newsletter subscribe integration
  • Pop-up windows for giveaways, promotions and subscriptions
Considering a DIY website solution? We offer DIY support packages!
Web Hosting

We take care of all the technology so you don't have to.

Our WebCare Hosting package includes:

  • WordPress management: updates and bug fixes
  • web site backups
  • SSL security certificate
  • basic SEO for better results in organic search engine listings
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Social Media

Every yoga studio relies on social media to connect with its patrons about events, promotions and news. Let us assist you in developing your social media accounts so they perpetuate your vision and mission.

We will set up the cover artwork, logo artwork and any additional static branding that goes with the account. We will connect your website to your social accounts to invite web visitors to engage with your online messaging. We will also create branded templates for posting so that momentum is not lost.

Curious about hiring a social media manager? We work closely with you to develop a plan and timeline for content and posting.

Via Maria design flower

Pricing & Packages

These rates apply only to yoga teachers and studios.
Design Curls
  • logo design
  • tagline
  • branding guide (logo variations, fonts, color palette, design elements)
  • avatar and favicon
  • social media cover art
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Design Curls
  • WordPress with Themeco's X admin tools
  • homepage + 5 internal pages
  • intake forms: downloads & uploads
  • connection to scheduling and booking software
  • payments using or PayPal
  • listings for classes and events
  • event registrations
  • blog for news and articles
  • social media and newsletter connections
  • basic search engine optimization
Design Curls
$50-75/hour web updates & maintenance
$300/year hosting & SSL
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Design Curls
  • printed brochures, flyers and postcards
  • newsletter templates and images
  • social media banners, tiles and branding
  • intake forms and disclaimers
  • web site updates
  • yoga teacher training manuals
  • yoga book cover design and page layout - print and Kindle
  • planning, strategy, support and training meetings
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Top Curl Creative Design

$2500 DOWN + $200/month
(1 year contract, includes hosting)

For the yoga teacher or studio on a budget, get a beautiful, simple logo and basic website. Each month get 1 hour of design or web updates. Book Now.

Bottom Curl Creative Design
It is our goal to be able to serve most budgets. If you love our work but need to negotiate pricing, please submit your project for a custom estimate.
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