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That special little something you know better than anyone else

The first thing I always ask a new client is “What is your niche?”. I have done work for many yoga teachers, healers, coaches, but these are really general areas and super hard to market as such, especially to an online audience.

Rarely is somebody looking for these things. They are looking for something specific. Sometimes it’s just a professional that lives near them. But mostly they are looking for a specific solution. They have a situation they need help with. Perhaps it’s anxiety that is now affecting relationships. Or stomach issues that make it impossible to go out for meals with friends. Or back pain that is so intense that a job can no longer be held. Perhaps they are struggling with a decision.

This is where it is important to create your specific niche and become an expert on that matter. Once you have the experience and formula, clients will show up. People want results and they want them quickly.

Take some time to sit and inquire…what is it that brought you to your work? What did it do for you, what did it solve or make better? What has made you so passionate about this work that you dropped everything and took this up as your career? And lastly…how did you find success with what you did?

Consider this as a potential niche. I think it’s important to have personal experience with what you are promoting. For example, if you have just become a financial advisor, but you have only made $30k a year most of your life, why would somebody want your help with finances? Same goes for a coach. If you aren’t wildly successful in some area…either in your life or somebody else’s, what could you bring to the table?

Once you have established what you are really great at, go full speed ahead with it. Become the expert and the go-to person. Be the yoga teacher that heals trauma. Be the ayurvedic professional that knows cancer. Be the coach that leads spiritual entrepreneurs to profitable business models. Make that specific name for yourself.

There are so many people in the world, each with very specific needs. There are also providers out there selling to anyone and everyone. Let me ask you this. If you suffered from severe acne, would you go to a family doctor or a dermatologist? Then, would you go to any dermatologist on your insurance list or would you look them up and find one that posted studies and articles about how a technique they developed cured almost all skin conditions? Or maybe a co-worker raved about a dermatologist that cured their 13-year old boy of all acne? You would for sure choose the expert or the passionate referral.

This is why a niche is so important. It will draw those clients in that truly need you. It will separate you from the masses of other providers out there. Remember now that everyone is offering services online, you are competing against a global market, or at least a national one at best.

Even if you are new to this career, create a path and a plan. Decide what you want to specialize in and develop the road map to get you there.

It’s important not to get the most clients, but the best ones.

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