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marias super cool network of awesome people

Maria's network of super cool people

Social Media and Copywriting

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not if you can't find it! Get noticed online with DD's copy chat and social inputs. DD is a clever copywriter, for many top agencies. Not to mention, she is the AAF-Metro Phoenix's 2011 Ad Person of the Year. She'll be the icing on your marketing cake. And she's super nice and fun to talk to. Call her.

Photographers - Commercial and Personal

preserve beauty

Don Crossland Photography (and Video) - Los Angeles, Phoenix

Looking for an awesome commericial photographer? Don's your guy. He just got a new camera that does video too...so you know what that means! He'll not only shoot your stuff, but he'll capture it all on video too! Don's style is very contemporary and clean. The publisher of Kontakt Magazine, he has shot fashion, architecture, products and more. Don is a dear friend of mine and I promise you you'll get gorgeous, top-quality photography at a ridiculously affordable price. Seriously, call him. He just moved to LA too, so he wants to hear your friendly voice.

Brenna Orozco Photography - Phoenix

Another amazing photographer, so hard to choose! Brenna specializes in pet photography, as well as commercial and portrait photography. If you're looking for a clean, fun, colorful style, she's your girl. Again, ridiculously affordable pricing. Ask her about her monthly Doggy Dine-out with home-cooked meals for your pet!

Business Services

for the best looking books!

Y-Acts Accounting - Phoenix

What can I say, Chris and Cindy are the best. They really care - about YOU, your business, and especially your taxes! Super honest and will totally keep you out of trouble with the state and federal agencies! But...they still know all the secret loophole laws and will surprise you with some fun write-offs. And the best part? Super cheap! The put the saying "You get what you pay for" to shame, because you will get tons more than you pay for. And tell them I referred you. There's a possiblity I could score some sushi for the deal!


find your beauty inside

Ashtanga World, Bali

My ashtanga teachers from afar offer Mysore ashtanga yoga, ayurveda and tantra. They have an ashtanga yoga center in Bali and are offering workshops and ashtanga yoga teacher training there in 2010. If you want to look into the mysteries of yoga, they are for you! I promise you will discover amazing things while training with them.

Dave's Astanga Yoga, Phoenix

My ashtanga and Vedic chant teachers reside here...they will rock your yoga world. Practice with them. Everyday.

Centered City Yoga, Salt Lake City

Looking for a fun mountain-air yoga studio? Alhtough best known for Power Yoga, Centered City embraces all forms of yoga, even ashtanga yoga...which I teach there on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Mysore-style) at 7:30am! I also teach Sanskrit for their Yoga Teacher Training program...you have to love a studio that cares about their teachers-to-be pronouncing the pose names correctly! Plus the Coffee Garden is nearby, for celebrating a great yoga practice afterwards.

Sanskrit Sounds, Santa Fe

Nicolai Bachman will rock your little Sanskrit world. He teaches ayurveda, Sanskrit, yoga sutras and chanting...and a few other miscellaneous items. He offers 3 books that have CDs with them so you can learn the Sanskrit pronounciation of the common words used in yoga, ayurveda and the sutras. Highly recommended for stimulating your yoga intellect!

School of Practical Philosophy and Meditation


Niall Mandall is a very inspiring, knowledgable, compassionate, generous teacher when it comes to philosophy and life. He talks the talk, but also walks the walk. I met Niall at my Vedic Chant classes and have tried to learn as much as possible from him. A teacher of Sanskrit, Yoga Sutras, and Philosophy, Niall has opened the Scottsdale branch of the New York-based School of Practical Philosophy and offers 10-week classes on the popular topic of Philosophy as structured by the school in New York. He is also offering Sanskrit classes through the yoga studio of Dave Oliver and Cheryl Hall. His teachings there are geared towards the many yoga students that attend. As a yoga teacher and student, I have been shown the importance of deepening one's study in philosophy and questioning everying, as well as proper sanskrit pronounciation of the poses, etc! I highly encourage anybody looking to further their yoga studies to contact Niall and get enrolled in some of his classes immediately!
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Resolution Yoga

I'm not one to wait around and wait for things to go wrong, so having Laurene Hayden as my personal ayurvedic consultant is a great opportunity to continue a healthy life, even as my body...well let's face it...it's getting older! Laurene takes the time to carefully asses your current lifestyle, diet, symptoms, etc and creates an overall lifestyle plan to keep (or put things back) in balance. Treat your body right and it will give you an easier ride for a long, long time! I fully believe in ayurveda for longevity and balance. And seriously, with all the stress I create in my life, it's my only hope of not ending up in a special place for over-achievers by middle age! Call her!


find your beauty outside

It Girl Diva

Calling all glam girls! Eyelash extensions are the new thang! Sherene will luscious up your lashes with lengthy locks of any color. I recommend the black lashes with some purple highlights. You'll look like a Disney princess when she's done with you. And you'll enjoy all the extra attention.

Spa Lamar

The home of Create Your Beautiful Life retreats, The Spa Lamar is seriously the best hangout in Scottsdale. You can buy a day pass and lounge around the spa all day in your bikini, robe or slippers. You get a locker key and access to the juice bar, and then they sign you up for some amazing services! (I can say the massages are heavenly, and it's the only spa I can go to for an awesome pedicure) You'll have to call to see when they have special events, like happy hour and music. So back to the day pass...you can read in the sun room chairs, bask outside in the outdoor pool and hot tub, or sneak away to the steam or sauna. If you have been putting off strategizing for your business, go and get a day pass, bring your notebook, and plan away, at the spa!

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