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Social Media

Here are some places that you can list your business to increase exposure and get more web traffic to your website. Remember the importance of synchronizing your marketing message across all of these sites.

To do the following, you will need:
  • Set of avatars - either your photo or logo or graphic element that you use repeatedly, as a 200x200 and 100x100 and 50x50 graphic   I can make these for you if you need a set
  • A short sentence about your company
  • A longer description about your company
  • A nice photo of yourself (need a photo? email Brenna!)
  • A profile name - about 8 lowercase letters - that you can use for all of your accounts - make sure it isn't taken first! i.e. viamaria is my username on most sites

Where to list your company:
  • Google Places - local business directory, you'll need to verify either by phone or postcard before it posts live, ask your friends to write reviews for you!
  • Yelp - be sure to complete your profile and write reviews for your business and other businesses
  • Facebook Fan Page - invite all of your friends once you set it up. Be sure to add a gorgeous cover image. You know who to call for help with designing this!
  • LinkedIn - your own professional bio and even a company page that can be added. Call for help with logos and additional imagery.
  • Google Plus - social media that will blend nicely with your Google account. They offer company pages too!
  • LinkedIn - your company
  • Twitter - it's important to post frequently, as your keywords will be searched by others and that is how you'll get more followers
  • You Tube - call me if you need some simple videos to post - Google owns YouTube, so this is great for search engine results!
  • Amazon - (you create your profile, and you review every product you purchase from this site - you'll be impressed with the results)
  • Craigslist - post your products and services for sale on this site, and upload pics and your logo - you can also use HTML to make your posting look like a little webpage
  • Meetup.com - There is no better marketing solution than in-person networking. Create a group that's fun for your target audience, create some meetups, and socialize with those you want to get to know.

Please note that you can crosslink your Twitter to Facebook Fan Pages and LinkedIn, so that when you Twitter, it will feed to all of your other social media pages. You can also post a Twitter feed on your homepage, or any page of your website. (see the Via Maria Blog for an example of this.)

You can also promote in other communities, for example, I belong to a few "NING" sites that offer like minds a place to blog, share photos, and even twitter within the site. You'll need to find these communities on your own, or I can help you search for them too. But NING has offered the best communities that I have found so far. Meetup is also a great place to network and meet like minds. You could create a Meetup group and offer sessions within your industry. As an example, I created a Yoga Meetup group in order to meet other yogis to network with and offer free classes. Such a great way to meet people that you can connect with both professionally and personally. Like-minds, afterall are the people you'd probably like to do business with!

Once you have all of these accounts set up, I can add the icons to your website so that you have links to them. We can also add the icons to your newsletter template.

Still having troubles? Contact us via email or call 480.600.3765.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

This is a must-have for anybody doing social media! Trust me on this one! Get a free account, or $5.99/month if you have lots to handle!

You are never charged for stock art on web projecs! I order each hand-selected piece of art from these two sources. Feel free to use them as resources for recommendations for your projects.

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