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about Maria Radloff

a passion for design


There are already so many amazing people and organizations making the world a more beautiful place, that it is my intention to be a part of their efforts, exponentially increasing the greatness of their achievements, through the use of beautiful design and creative strategy.


It is not my hope to create anything new, but to build and improve what is already there.


I have been in the creative design field since I was born. I grew up with a case of art supplies at my fingertips and I have been designing, writing and creating my whole life. As for actually getting paid for it, that didn't start until the mid 90s.

I began in graphic design, picking up a few projects doing the layout and design for some local newspapers and magazines. I then joined the New Times production department designing ads, trying not to drop x-acto knives and listening to bad rap music. After five and a half years and numerous promotions, I decided it was time to step things up a bit and launched my first company, Holy Click!

Holy Click! was started in 2002 and I was there until 2008, when I sold the business to an IT company out of California. During these years I positioned the company as a local, trendy, urban, creative design studio that specialized in beautiful design and creative ideas. As part of our community work, we joined Artlink and opened our studio as an art gallery, displaying 4-5 local artists' works each month. The name Holy Click! quickly became associated with downtown art and that drove our target audience into a highly creative niche.

Upon selling Holy Click!, I decided to retreat from business ownership and management and to begin to focus more on design and creative strategy. I also began my ashtanga yoga path at this time and have since worked very hard in finding a balance between work and play. Thus, Via Maria was born and I now can focus my attention on doing what I truly love - beautiful, creative design. Embellish everything!

maria radloff
maria radloff
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yoga web design

I am an avid practitioner of yoga. I practice ashtanga yoga and ayurveda on a daily basis. I also teach ashtanga yoga, lead yoga workshops, and assist with yoga teacher training programs across the US. Yoga and Design are my true passions in life and I'm so grateful to be able to share them in such a beautiful way.

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